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Blower Door Test

Blower Door test measures the air tightness of a building. The tests are performed in: houses, apartment block and office buildings.

The BlowerDoor test is mandatory to obtain Passivaus certification. With this method of in situ measurement it is possible to control and improve the airtightness of the building to reduce energy consumption and achieving both high thermal and acoustic comfort.

The Minneapolis BlowerDoor system is a modular measurement system. Ideal for use in newly constructed buildings and apartment blocks, as well as built to the Passivhaus standard or German standard EnEV.

With precise digital pressure gauge DG-700 and TECTITE Express software, you can perform automatic BlowerDoor tests with great precision, according to the European standard EN 13829.

In the case of test infiltrations in the envelope, you can control the Minneapolis BlowerDoor fan with the DG-700, without a computer.

Service Type Description
Infiltrations test blower-door Includes the following tasks:

- Making blower-door test, including assembly, disassembly and sealing of required openings.
-Drafting housing infiltrations report.
Options:(Optional) Checks leak report including thermal imaging camera.
Extra test in additional stay in the same house, included in the report.
Other options


Thermography is a technique that allows us to calculate temperatures from distance accurately and without physical contact with the object to study. Thermography can capture infrared radiation of the electromagnetic spectrum, using thermography or thermovision cameras.

Knowing environmental conditions data (humidity and air temperature, object distance, reflected temperature, incident radiation …) and the characteristics of surfaces (emissivity), radiated energy detected can be converted by the thermographic camera to temperature values.

In thermography, each pixel corresponds to a measured value of radiation; a value associated with temperature.

The main applications of thermography, we can cite:

  • Studies of energy flows in bioclimatic architecture
  • Predictive maintenance of industrial machinery
  • Detection of pathologies in buildings
  • Study of energy losses in building
  • Detection of thermal bridges

Service Type Description
Taking measurements and thermographic images capture with report generation Includes the following tasks:

- Situation analysis and decision workplan.
- Obtaining the required images.
- Drafting report.

Housing or individual premises.
extra living in the same building.
Buildings up to 5 dwellings (maximum), analysis of all homes.
buildings with more than 5 housing, analysis of all homes.
Another type of testing and reporting systems (production or distribution of heat, specific incidents reports, etc.)


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