We are proud to announce that the BLESIL project (Building Lifecycle Energy Saving Integral Learning) has already been launched.

This project, funded by the Erasmus + program aims to improve the knowledge and skills of European professionals in the construction sector in the field of the EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) in order to meet the Horizon 20/20/20.

In particular, BLESIL is based on the formation of various professional profiles (planners, architects, builders and installers) in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings according to NZBE standard, so as to improve the quality of their work in different life cycle stages: Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance end Use.


Do we need training in the construction sector?

Under the project we have conducted a study on training needs in the sector in terms of the EPBD requIrements on three countries (Turkey, Poland and Spain).

These results confirm that in general there is a lack of knowledge of new techniques and methodologies to meet the objectives of the EPBD in all professional profiles construction and at all stages of the life cycle of the building.

However, under a finer analysis, profiles with more training needs (learning potential) in this issue are professionals medium-high level, so the project partners decided to orient the educational content BLESIL to increase training this particular group.

This decision was also taken considering the decision power of these professionals when ensuring compliance NZEB. The professionals at medium-high (engineers, architects, etc.) have greater decision-making in terms of design, planning, implementation, choice of materials, application of innovations, etc. and therefore a greater ability to enforce the building construction with high energy efficiency.


Calls and grants


  • Aid Programme for Energy Rehabilitation of existing buildings (PAREER-CRECE rogram). IDAE.
  • Plan Renove efficient electrical installations in homes of the Community of Madrid. Deadline: 30/12/2015.  Information.
  • Plan Renove of Electrical Installations 2015Basque Energy Entity. Deadline: 31/07/2015
  • € 30 million more for rehabilitation in Barcelona.. Information.


  • Greencities & Sustainability. Intelligence applied to urban sustainability, October 7 to 8, 2015, Malaga.

RESEARCH PROJECTS Life+ 2015. 60% Co-financed R & D related to the environment. Information.

Socios del proyecto


AITIIP is a Spanish reference center for the development of research projects in design and manufacture of plastic components, molds and transformation processes (injection molding, extrusion, extrusion blow molding, etc.). AITIIP is very committed to vocational training, coordinating Erasmus + 2 projects and participating in other two.


GEEZAR Soluciones S.L. is a technology company Spin-Off university in the field of energy savings through knowledge, monitoring and simulation of consumption. GEEZAR company has been recognized as social interest in the Aragonese Institute of Employment and as innovative technology company by CEEI Aragón, under the Government of Aragón.


EKODENGE is a Turkish engineer whose business focuses on the consulting, research and development of environmental technologies, information technologies and sustainable architectural systems.


ITB is a Polish research institute whose primary research activity is based on quality assurance in the activities and products of the construction and protection of the interests of the users of the buildings sector.