“An expert multidisciplinary team is the best guarantee”

In GEEZAR we develop projects focused on monitoring and energy efficiency. We have a highly qualified team studying each new project to ensure optimal results and in line with initial expectations.

Most relevant projects


Blesil (Building Lifecycle Integral Energy Saving Learning) is a training project for different professional profiles involved in the process of building construction in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability according to NZBE standard.

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Monitoring and management system infrastructure for slurry treatment plants. With FitWater is possible to perform maintenance and programming of the various devices of the treatment plant, such as pumps, valves … and also know in real time the quality of treated water from any Internet-connected device (computer, tablet, smartphone … ).


URSOS is an energy demand calculating software for urban neighborhood level that can quickly edit and calculate the energy demand of a neighborhood and evaluate the best configurations of roads, parcels, building forms, conditions, closures, etc.
URSOS continues its development in collaboration with the University of Concepción (Chile) for the development of sustainability indicators relating to the social reality of Chile.
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Quarries optimization software

Energy simulation software for mineral transport in quarries (trucks and conveyors).
The software allows:

  • Simulate different sequences of material transport
  • Calculate the energy consumption of the sequence
  • Optimize energy consumption based on several parameters

Moreover, GEEZAR collaborated in monitoring two minerals quarries to verify proper software behavior:

  • Voudia Quarry, Milos, Greece
  • Quarry Dompierre, France