“Know water state without having to move from home”

PITWATCHER is a measuring device form water conditions in wastewater collectors. Allows analyze samples periodically taking and sending real-time information so staff costs for taking the sample to the laboratory are saved.

3 in 1 System
Regularly takes samples
Analyzes pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature
Sends real time information

Other differential qualities
Autonomous system, no external power required
Long battery life
Portable system: It can be installed in different collectors coupled with a standard guides system.
Three filters ensure low maintenance. The sample is filtered three times before entering the system, so obstruction problems are minimized and manteniance is simpler and more efficient.

Behaviour and Features

PITWATCHER system is installed in the manifold, and is able to pump a water sample from the collector to the measuring system. Then , it performs the measuring with sensors (pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and water temperature) and sends this information to the server to be available to the user. Finally, it returns the sample to the channel.

PITWATCHER could be perfectly usable in other environments such as
sewage treatment plants, swimming pools, etc… PITWATCHER system will be able to measure in the following ranges of magnitude

ParameterCurrent equipment range
pH0-14 pH
Conductivity0,5 – 50000 µS/cm
Dissolved oxygen0 – 20 ppm (or mg/L)
Temperature0-100 ºC

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