Monitoring and Innovation


“GEEZAR is innovation”

In GEEZAR we believe in technological innovation as a base of our development. Therefore, much of our resources and efforts are aimed at research and development.

As result of this we develop prototypes that later get fill a need and satisfy customer demand.

AGRO development

Smart monitoring

Intelligent monitoring systems with “in situ” visualization using a touch screen where you can enter a large number of inputs and outputs, define behaviors, set remote sends intervals, etc.


Monitor weather conditions for crop fields. Know remotely without having to go to the site if optimal weather conditions to go to fumigate. The measured magnitudes are wind speed, temperature and humidity.

At any time from any Internet-connected device (eg smartphone) you can be know what is happening in the field


Measuring device with soil moisture sensors at three different heights. Remotely we can know the state of the soil of our farm field so that we can know when we can go to irrigate.

In addition, an alarm system will warn us when the soil is too dry.

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