Learn with GEEZAR and save up to 20% on your energy bill

A ‘spin-off’ of the UZ manages to save 10,000 € in 6 months in the Research Institutes building. thumbA total of 10,000 euros, penny up, penny down, is what has saved the University of Zaragoza between the months of November and April in electricity bills Building Research Institutes River Ebro campus in the Actur . To achieve this has not been used no magic formula, just logic and a system of competition: Energy League. For six months, ten blocks have struggled to become the saving in energy consumption. Along the way there have been minor changes in their habits to avoid wasting light to illuminate work areas or spend braking with climate control. Behind the project is GEEZAR Soluciones, an outgoing company (spin-off) Energy Group and Building the Aragonese campus. The first was to calculate in detail the spending of the various departments. “We put a tube clamp (meter size of a fist) in each office to monitor consumption to see where they had to emphasize each worker,” says Angel Martinez, founder partner with Pablo Estrada and Constantino Baile. All three are-industrial, computer and agronomist engineers, respectively, and has focused his career on energy efficiency. They are accompanied by a team of four employees with different profiles: a technician and an electrical engineer, a sociologist and a chemical engineer. Education and involvement After seeing their energy habits as a graph, the staff of research institutes has been receiving regular visits by the project managers, who have done work of accompaniment. “We looked at each office expenses, we find them where they spend more energy than regarded as normal … The key -underlines Constantino, happens to make a correct pedagogy, the user learns to facilitate saving, do not leave your computer on the night but suspended, air conditioning and heating are at the right temperature and people do not die of cold in summer and warm in winter … “. Turn off the computer screen and leave your computer on when you leave work is a clear example of unnecessary and easily dispensable expenditure. “Leaving him suspended can save up to 20 cents per team per day. Think of a large company and check accounts, “says Angel. When put ‘on a diet’ bills come into play other factors such as ventilation, thermal insulation or lighting, towards which the team also points, although each company which must decide whether to invest in improve them. Failing to calculate the latest results, the Energy League can be considered a true success story: the significant savings in consumption-the winning firm has reduced its demand for resources above 10% – joins the remarkable decline in the bill. A history that now seek to bring companies and conventional offices (campus building has a ‘supercomputer’ continuous operation and a handful of laboratories that can not ‘cut’ supply), which is expected to perform even greater savings, “re-educating employees properly can reduce up to 20% power consumption.” Sustainable Urbanism This spin-off university seeks to take a step towards urbanism through URSOS application, a tool that analyzes the consumption of whole neighborhoods, from boilers buildings to streetlights, and that assess factors such as kilometers of rails bike, distances between bus stops and soil type of the streets. You can read the news in the following link: : Heraldo.es