GEEZAR Solutions develops a program for designing sustainable spaces

Since it was constituted in October last year, the company GEEZAR Soluciones has ready its URSOS software will launch the Spanish market in the coming weeks in order to help you to design developments that are more efficient from the point of view of energy demand and also more sustainable. This software “is a tool for engineers and architects to develop their work as a preliminary step to the design of urban areas,” explains Constantino Dance, founder of GEEZAR Soluciones partner, a company he created with two partners and recently it has formed as a spin off from the University of Zaragoza. Through URSOS you can be modeled quickly both developments and improvements to be made in energy and sustainability through the qualification of different sustainable indicators.

Savings for offices

This software is one of the fundamental pillars of the activity of this company, specializing in information and reducing energy consumption. In addition to URSOS ,GEEZAR Soluciones is working on other lines such as energy saving IIA methodology for large buildings such as offices, which will allow data such as temperature are taken in different estancias.Una information to be offered to the user so you can “know what is spent and so friendly, save teach, “says Dance. They are lines with which the company has already been able to generate two jobs and which this year expects to reach a turnover of 100,000 euros. The company also has plans to develop new products. You can read the news in the following link: Eleconomista