“Get solid arguments on your goods transport conditions”

FW is a monitoring service for fruits and fresh vegetables transport conditions oriented to big fruit distributors, transport companies and supermarket chains. For further information visit FW website:

Go to FruitWatcher website
Transport conditions play a key role in:

  • Fruit organoleptic characteristics (taste, scent, acidity, etc.)
  • Fruit physiologic conditions (aspect, water content, ripening, etc.)

Ou customers take advantage of the following FW services benefits:

  • Real time information on transportation processes conditions.
  • Quick response against eventual problems in goods conditions or bad recurrent habits of refrigeration operation.
  • Arguments in discussions with goods receipt.
  • Transport service added value.

Report generation

“Watcher Travel Certificate” by GEEZAR is the guarantee that FruitWatcher customer receive, stating that data are safe and true according to our company quality standards. This certificate is helpful tool for solving eventual discussions between our customer and goods receipt.


Our customers get this certificate right after goods arrival at destiny and it includes any required data for proving transportation process conditions.


Ease of useReal time


Energy supply3 x AA Batteries
Size176 x 91.5 x 43.5 mm
API AccessSi

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