Carbon Footprint

CARBON FOOTPRINT is the overall emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) associated with the activity of an institution, entity, service or product. It is expressed in tons of CO2 equivalent.

GEEZAR has extensive experience in projects related to carbon footprint, developing a wide range of sectors; both the public sector and the private sector.

The Carbon Footprint Calculation department of GEEZAR knows a large number of calculation methodologies, allowing adapt to the different needs of our customers.

The main types of carbon footprint projects we have developed are as follows:

  • Calculation of carbon footprint for public and private entities in the sectors: agricultural, industrial, energy and services.
  • Design and development of a software tool for calculating CO2 emissions, an integrated web platform.

The carbon footprint contributes to:

  • Quantification, reduction and neutralization of CO2 emissions in products and organizations within the mitigation framework of climate change.
  • Identifying cost saving opportunities in organizations.
  • The demonstration entities commitments to social responsibility through its requirements in mitigating climate change.
  • The creation of a market for products and services with low carbon generation, in response to the current social and environmental demand.